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Sunday of Divine Mercy

Sunday, April 28, 2019

To all the people, who heard the message about the resurrection of Christ, the empty tomb, and the eyewitnesses of His apparition after death, is imparted a sublime atmosphere of a new hope and a new order of divine peace and mercy which were started with the Paschal Events. The readings of today show how the primitive Church reacted to those events from the very beginning. First the apostles are so surprised of the visit of their resurrected Master, that took place that very same day, but in the evening, when the information about the empty tomb reached them. The resurrected Lord come to the room where they were gathered, entering in spite of the locked door, with His gift of divine peace as a first fruit of his resurrection. This is the meaning of His death on the cross: bringing a divine peace to the heart of the people, as a sign of divine forgiveness to all. Jesus confirmed his role of being the Pascal Lamb, by showing them his hands and side pierced by the nails and lance, and sent them with the mission to proclaim the good news to the people throughout the world forgiving their sins in the name of Jesus resurrected. The disciples were glad to see their Master alive. Thomas, who wasn’t present that day with them, didn’t believe the words of the others, this is why Jesus appeared to them one more time, the following Sunday giving to the incredulous Thomas the proof of his martyrdom. It shows that the apostles were unsure of these Pascal events until they experienced a real presence of Jesus in the midst of them. Upon the influence of the meeting with Jesus, in the Eucharist, the apostles could profess their faith in His real presence telling: “My Lord and My God.” The most important lesson Jesus gave them, is praising the faith of those who didn’t see his pierced hands and side, and in spite of that they believed. Those give proof of a real trust in Jesus, showing Him to be authentic. To this last group, belong those who believed in the Word of God through the teaching of the apostles, the first reading speaks about. And to this last group, we belong as well who believed God through the mission of the Church trusting in salutary works Jesus acts in His sacraments.