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Solemnity of the Holy Family B

Sunday, December 27, 2020

“The Lord remembers his covenant forever”, we sing today in the responsorial psalm believing that God is faithful to his promises in the past and will keep his faithfulness forever on those who were chosen by Him and fulfilled His will. The presence of God in the history of Israel, starting in Abraham’s times, was the reason of God’s blessing to Israel. Childless Abra(ha)m believed in God’s promise to be the father of a big nation and became the happiest man on earth receiving his child Isaac one year after. The whole history of Israel shows the power of God’s blessing when the Israelites started to trust in God’s providence and felt His presence. The same happens to Mary and Joseph, the loving couple, when they received God’s proposition to be the parents of the Son of God. Trusting in the will of God and accepting it they became the happy and holy couple. The grace of God cultivated in their home in the form of humility and many virtues enable them to fulfill their duty of good parents preparing Jesus to his life mission to be the Savior of humankind. Today’s Gospel shows the happy end of life of a two old people, Simeon and Anna, who because of their faithfulness to God’s commandments during their long lifetime, received the grace to see God’s face in Jesus Christ’s humanity. We have to know that we are not abandoned by God and we also have access to God’s grace and His presence in the sacraments, and especially in the Holy Host. Let us use this occasion to be always close to God.