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Resurrection of the Lord

Sunday, April 21, 2019

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad”. With those words of the refrain of the Psalm the Church asks us to celebrate today’s Solemnity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a main reason why the Church should rejoice because in this very day were fulfilled all prophesies of the Old Testament: God has come to free a man from the slavery of sin. And Jesus did it being hanged on the cross through which He conquered the death and sin announcing to the world a universal salvation. The resurrection sealed it now confirming all that was proclaimed and done on the cross. Because of the resurrection Jesus is alive although was killed on the cross: this is today’s message. Conquering the death and the sin through His death and resurrection He is alive and rules in his Church giving His grace to everyone who will receive baptism in Jesus name and convert to God. Exactly this kind of catechesis we hear today from the mouth of Peter who stays in the house of a Roman centurion, Cornelius, in Caesarea. The first witness of the resurrection was Mary of Magdala who met Jesus in an unexpected way. The next witnesses are close disciples of Jesus: Peter and John, who having heard from Mary about the empty tomb of their Master run over there to see it on their own ayes and to draw the conclusion about the rising of Jesus from the dead He was telling them about before more than three times. This concrete example of His resurrection the empty tomb proved, allow the Apostles believe in Jesus mission and spread the information about Him to the world calling all the people to live in the Holy Spirit and be far away from the earthly attachments. About this last aspect speaks today’s second reading.