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Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Pentecost is the official day of the "nativity of the Church", which took place 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On that day the Holy Spirit was sent as Jesus had announced. This Spirit became a powerful guide of the Church, which became an institution of salvation made by Jesus on the cross. Even this Spirit was accompanied Jesus during his lifetime on earth, it is only after His ascension to heaven, that He took over the initiative of being responsible, to continue the work of salvation in the Church that Jesus Christ started. This is why it is emphasized very strongly, that at the moment of the sending the Holy Spirit, whom the author symbolized in “the strong driving wind” and in the “tongs as of fire”. Some narrations in the Gospels do not discern temporally the two events of Christ: His resurrection and ascension, wanting to stress the point of view of its divine time. The main message of today’s feast is that the Holy Spirit, after Jesus left the earth, became a powerful guide of the Church. It is the Holy Spirit who through baptism makes us “adopted children of God,” which the second reading speaks about today. And it is this same Spirit, responsible for preparing (making) a dwelling place of God in our hearts. This Spirit teaches us, reminding us of everything about the salvation of Jesus Christ which was made on the Cross. As a result, this Spirit brings us closer to God every day, by the sacraments and prayers.