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Palm Sunday C Year

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Like every year the readings of Palm Sunday emphasizes a great humility of the Son of God and His determination to fulfill the work of salvation for which He has come into the world. The humility is a measure and a first fundamental condition, to accomplish this plan, because it put a man in the role of creation, who knows his own place in relation to God the Creator. As from the beginning of creation, in Jesus Christ and His humble attitude, man has found his way to God and has recognized in Him a source of life and true glory for which he has been created. Humility and determination give to the attitude of Jesus a command to an obedient fulfillment of the will of His Father in the form as it has described in the Letter to Philippians: “Christ Jesus... becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Because of this, God greatly exalted him.” In this way it has been done a renovation of the world distorted by a human sin. Reconciled with God, in Jesus' cross and resurrection, we should follow Christ's humility in our life, drawing from his salutary cross which has become to us a way to God. The first reading shows triumphal entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem and the people welcome him because they want from him the inauguration of the kingdom of God according to their earthly expectations. Very soon they will be disappointed when Jesus receives the cross on his arms realizing the true spiritual Kingdom of God, the Father, the Gospel speaks about. The same people who welcomed him at the entrance of Jerusalem will be responsible for his via crucis. Jesus wanted to choose the will of God to redeem a sinner world, and me and you.