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Palm Sunday A

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Today's Sunday liturgy, with its readings, reminds us that the time of the Passion of the Lord has begun. We will be guided in the liturgy of the Church through stages of its understanding and celebrate a salutary design of God realized voluntarily in his Son on the cross. Jesus Christ enters Jerusalem in triumphal procession, which is reminiscent of a triumphal entrance of victorious Caesars and commanders of Rome. We see today a joyful atmosphere of the crowd who expect similar to those of Caesar's triumphs of victory, Jesus who has come to introduce the Kingdom of heaven in Jerusalem, over the Roman Empire the occupant hatred by the Jewish authority. In the minds of many Jewish people Jesus was supposed to do this, with the help of the celestial army which will cut off with swords all the enemies, instituting that way, the kingdom of God on earth and giving to the people a political liberty on a plate without any effort. Nothing is more misled. Of course Jesus will free the people from the yoke, but not a political one they expected but from an internal captivity of sins which keep them all too strong to this world and its relationship. His logic to enter Jerusalem on a back of a donkey during the festival procession without subordination to any emotion and instant euphoria and later a logic of his unjustly accusations, maltreatment, abuse and torture to finish with a death on the cross caused by the same people who now welcome him joyfully, show that He is totally aware of an unstable human condition attached to momentary things of this world and its criteria without reference to God. This is why He is so determined to take the cross and through its fruit give to each of us the grace of a new life. This grace helps us with our participation to win over our earthly sinful attachments and come closer to God.