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Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday begins the celebration of Holy Week which is finished by the Paschal Triduum. These are the days that emphasize the most important points of our faith: the martyrdom, the death on the cross, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The great humility of Jesus who fulfills the will of his Father starts with his “triumphal” entering into Jerusalem on an ass (donkey, colt). It was a humble sign of fulfilling prophesies about a suffering servant of God, the Messiah. His deprivation and abandonment left him totally in a powerless situation showing his true human condition, called catharsis, in which a counting on an invisible God borders with heroism of totally trusting in God. This is why the responsorial psalm today, like an echo, should resound in our ears almost in a form of reproach to God, who keeps silent, but Jesus repeats it as a sign of totally trusting in God: “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” It is about the situation of man who experiences the emptiness and nothingness of life, a man who calls God in time of experience of luck of His presence and power. Jesus must go through His tests of martyrdom and death in order to show a man that in similar border situations every man could and should count on Him because He was the first who has passed the border of life and painful death. After his resurrection He knows what is on other side. This is why He becomes for us a light and hope. The narration of the Passion of the Lord is for us an example (pattern, paradigm) of the historical struggle of man with the sense of life and the existence of God. In Jesus Christ we receive the answer, light, and hope. Let us build in Jesus Christ’s cross and resurrection the sense of our life, suffering and struggles.