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Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 01, 2018

The first day after the Sabbath, which means Sunday, has become the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself has announced his resurrection after three days of his death (Friday), and it really happened on the night of Saturday and Sunday. No one was a witness of this event but all traces confirm it: the empty tomb; disorientation of the disciples totally not prepared for that fact although their Master foretold to them many times; a surprise of the first witnesses of the empty tomb: Mary Magdalene, and two of beloved disciples of Jesus, Peter and John, who didn’t believe what their Master told them before his death. The last one, although he relates this event few decades after, is always full of astonishment facing the mystery of the resurrection of Jesus, which became a starting point of his understanding of his messianic activity. This is why John wrote his Gospel to share his experience with others and in its light to present the whole activity of his Master. The fact of the resurrection of Jesus has totally changed their perspectives of seeing the meaning of life and death, in the case of the Apostles, giving them motivation for their future missionary work. There are now totally different people ready to go even to death because of this truth. Their shock after the resurrection of the Master and the power of the Holy Spirit allowed them to go everywhere without fearing for their life and to proclaim the Gospel. St. Peter explains today to the Jewish people in Caesarea a plan of God, realized in Jesus, of his death and resurrection, the events he is now a witness. He proclaims to them the Gospel, even though it was not that long ago that he feared for his own life, being with other disciples behind closed doors of the cenaculum after the death of Jesus. He went with them because he knew that in the light of the resurrection the earthly life receive a new sense in God. They realized it was worthy to offer their life for the truth for which Jesus Christ their Master had died. It was worthy to resign from their own attachment of the body, from the sinned habits and behavior for which Jesus Christ died to make them and all of us closer to God which St. Paul teaches today: “If u were raised with Christ, seek what is above, were Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Think of what is above, not of what is on earth”.