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Commentary to reading on Sunday July 23

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Kingdom of God pertains to the rule of God in Christ wherever He has power – everywhere good spreads; the good He created and Christ redeemed, and everywhere evil is restricted; the evil He did not want, but our free will allows. This is the mystery of the Kingdom of God and the evil that abides on this Earth. We must not expect an exact description of “God’s dwelling place” and his “functions on Earth”, because our cognitive skills (perception), as beings created by God, cannot grasp these concepts. Yet Christ is aware of this difficulty and human curiosity – for we wish to get to know our God better. This is why he uses real-life comparisons, so-called parables. Today’s Gospel, supported by other readings, sheds some light on this mystery. Good has existed in God for centuries. He Himself is good and sows it on Earth through random coincidences. Evil appeared as a result of betrayal of God, as a result of our ability to say “no” to God in our hearts. Christ calls this the actions of our “enemy”; more precisely, the “devil”. Even a tiny bit of God’s good can facilitate incredible development, just like a tiny seed has the potential to develop into an enormous tree that becomes a hiding place for birds. Yet even a small amount of leaven will spoil the whole lump, if only we let it develop. Unfortunately, the will of men stands in the way – a will that does not always allow this good to grow within our hearts, and through our hearts, the entire world. Despite all this, the world must continue on its journey until the end of time – where its faith will finally be decided: good will triumph, and evil will be cast aside. In the meantime, man redeemed in Christ has ceaseless support in His mercy, which is confirmed by St. Peter: “the Spirit also helped our infirmities”, in our prayers and in every moment when we attempt to spread goodness. May we never give up in our quest to spread goodness and the Kingdom of God wherever we go.