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Baptism of the Lord, B Year

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Today’ Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, which finishes officially the celebration of the Christmas season. Now Jesus, in his adulthood, being ready to engage himself in his public ministry related with the work of salvation, has the task He was destined to fulfill by His Father. The baptism is a crucial moment in which He receives the approval from His Father, anointing Him with the Holy Spirit making him ready to accomplish salvation. Within John’s baptism, there is a penitential character, meaning it was an expression of a general calling of the people to make penance and conversion of their lives (that summarizes all existed human traditions); in Christ’s baptism here it becomes a sign of a new way of God's grace working. It is about the grace which will enable everyone to participate in the fruits of the martyrdom, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since then, the baptism will be a starting point and a sign of new life in Christ. Meantime, in the case of Jesus’ baptism, is the fulfillment of the words of John the Baptist who says that “One mightier that I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the tongs of his sandals”. This way John emphasizes his divine dignity. Jesus will baptize, not like John with the water, but with the Holy Spirit. In the moment of His baptism in the Jordan River, Jesus “saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like dove, descending upon him. And a voice came from the heavens, ‘You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.” The salvation in Jesus is approaching its fulfilment. Living in perspective of two thousand years of Christianity and enriched in the traditions of the Church which proclaims the truth about salvation in Jesus Christ to which baptism starts to be the gate, we should use the unique occasion of the unusual closeness of God to us. There is no need of money or connection to meet God in Jesus. There is only our free will to accept Him in our lives.