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5th Sunday of lent A

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The theme of today's Sunday readings speak about the resurrection of the body, which brings us closer to the Easter feast and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So far Jesus has prepared his closest disciples about His tribulation of the cross on which he will die for the salvation of our sins. Now on the basis of biblical relation from the Prophet Ezekiel, we hear about the opening the graves of dead people who didn’t die before God but they were expecting special intervention. This will be brought to culmination in Jesus Christ's message: in his death and resurrection. No one understands this message yet, apart of Jesus. Jesus first uses the event of the resuscitation of Lazarus his friend and brother of his dear sisters: Martha and Mary. In a dialog with them, Jesus explains his mystery of the resurrection and the need to trust him; that he has power not only to resuscitate his friend and their brother but also by his resurrection free them from the power of death and sins. For in this way he is the source of their resurrection. It is confirmed in his statement: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will never die”. After that Jesus asks Mary: “Do you believe it?” Mary probably wasn’t yet prepared to give a correct answer not being able to understand the mystery of the resurrection of Jesus but taking into consideration closeness with him she knew, that her Master, whom she called now “Lord” (Kyrios) will not abandon her. We are in a better position as we already know about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The early Church was a silent witness of it and exactly this testimony gives us the assurance of our resurrection in Jesus Christ and His Spirit. We began to live when once we received baptism in his name.