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Theology for the common man

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, February 04, 2018

The power of Jesus keeps giving information about his miraculous activity which assembles crowds of the people. Jesus does not limit his salvific work to serve only to acquaintances, as was the case of the healing of the mother in law of Simon Peter, but He wants to embrace with his divine care all the people who come to Him. There is some logic procedure in His way of attracting the people to God: first He heals them from physical suffering in order to show them the goodness of God. It is the first step to let them know about a salvific mission of Christ which stays behind His teaching and acting. It is also the sign of God’s interference in human’s misery which Jesus wants to aim pointing out at its source: the sin and the way of its healing by a divine grace. Job, the hero of today’s first reading, can serve as a representative of a human condition being out of God. Enduring in fidelity to God’s commandments and to tradition of the fathers, in spite of breaking down of justly social relations, brings as a result fruit in a happy life inured (hardened) by particular difficult moments of life. This is what Job teaches us today and as a price of his fidelity to God in the middle of his struggle he receives a special blessing from heaven: new families and friendly relations. Jesus Christ, as a second Job, reminds each human being of the source of salvation in God and about our duties to search God always and everywhere in order to experience His salvific grace.