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Theology for the common man

4th Sunday of Lent A

Sunday, March 22, 2020

One may think why God has chosen David to be a King of Israel in place of Saul. One criteria seems to be an open heart; God looks at hearts; and a plan of God towards him. God executes his plan even though He knows that this man would try to disrupt his plans with sins in the future. God decides to act, choosing David as king and upon his direction and later on his son Solomon, providing to build and strengthen his Kingdom of Israel. God will do it using his freedom, and especially when he is open to God’s ways, because this is the only way God could introduce on the earth law, justice, and truth. The openness to the acts of God, into the world and receiving his message, St. Paul calls entering a “light”. It opposes a “darkness” which is closing himself and separating from God. The criterion is a phenomenon of Jesus Christ to whom we have access by faith. In short, being in light means walking in the paths of God, in freedom and in the direction of spreading the goodness; being in darkness means walking in sin and in ignorance about salvation. Today’s Gospel is an evangelical example; a man blind since birth is cured through an undeserved action of Jesus Christ. This man represents each of us, who thanks be to Jesus and to the faith, receives a gift of vision of the God's plans, so he could walk in light and avoid sin.