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4th Sunday of Advent A

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The words from the prophet Isaiah speaks about the signs of God: “The virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel,” are a live motive of today’s readings. Joseph receives from God indications regarding the future of the child who is to be born from the Holy Spirit in the womb of his wife Mary. Without this assurance from God, Joseph would be in conflict and certainly his marriage would perish. He himself wanted to leave Mary not causing her any harm because he was a just man and wouldn’t understand a pregnant condition of his wife without his sexual relationship with her. He did not want to defame her and had decided to leave her secretly, saving her from eventually public humiliation from her kinfolk; the Old Testament law permitted the stoning of an adulterous woman. A great trust of Joseph, to God, in this moment saves his marriage from a hopeless situation and introduces a salutary goodness. Exactly in this way Jesus will be born, who will “save his people from their sins.” According to the Gospel, Joseph awoke from a dream and did exactly what the angel had commended him: “he took his wife into his house” and became their protector. This is how God works, seeing a positive answer to his call. In this context, we should never question God and never show an absurdity of his plans, because God, even through a virgin is able to give a life. This assurance confirms the Old Testament; this truth teaches us all of the history of salvation realized in Jesus Christ whose story we are all witnesses of every year in Christmas time.