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Theology for the common man

30 Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Leaders of the Jewish religion put Jesus to trial; to have reasons to accuse him before people and sentence him to death. Of course, Jesus following the tradition and teaching of the elders, didn’t fail in anything with his responses to questions of those leaders. The question concerns the most important commandment of God in the Old Testament. Jesus pointed out the two commandments of God and of neighbor. Indeed the Old Testament, Book of Deuteronomy (which is the Jewish Torah) places the commandment of the love of God, and on the other place, at least in today’s first reading from Exodus, the command of love of neighbor as the most important commandment of man. The question of the Pharisee did have a larger context, taking into consideration many law schools in Jerusalem, giving detailed explanations to 613 commandments, to 248 prohibitions, to 365 recommendations. With his answer, Jesus shows a fundament of all of those commandments in the love of God and of neighbor. It was surprising for them to listen to this answer because they squandered on particular puzzles; being far away from life and at the same time forgetting about a live fundament: God and a vital test of its love in relationship with the others, and especially with those in need. Besides, facing the incomprehensible teaching of Jesus, about his divine Sonship, his adversaries expected a totally different answer. In the meantime, the solution of Jesus is one and very practical: taking into consideration a love of God we have to respect and love our neighbor. It is always good to remember these two fundamental commandments, facing today's growing indifference of the world on God and human misery. No wonder that where there is no God there is also no human being respected, using him eventually in different ways, for instance, seeing in him an economical utility. In this perspective, from an economical point of view it is better to cease the life of elders and cripples, offering them euthanasia (killing); it is also good to kill the unborn, unwanted children from the wombs of their mothers (abortion) using eventually their aborted fetuses for pharmaceutical purposes; to the people from poor countries, where there is a proposed program to decrease the population and impose an economical slavery system to all the countries. Those are only examples we can multiply today, not mentioning about a creation of a new social fundamental system in which everyone would be able to choose his own gender no matter who he is, man or woman, not taking into account nature and common sense. It is the world without God that we have always to show people, to let them know about catastrophic effects of their behavior without a love of God and of neighbor. The Church does this all the time.