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Theology for the common man

30 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Jesus uses an occasion, for us to receive from Him a grace of salvation, which is the main point of today’s gospel reading. The gospel tells about a blind Bartimaeus, who has an opportunity, to address Jesus, with his power to cure, starts to cry out. In spite of many who wanted to silence him he didn’t stop to cry out because he knew it would be a unique occasion in his life that would never happen again. His insistence was rewarded and Jesus noticed his presence asking him to approach. Jesus seeing such faith healed him of his disability. Of course, this situation of Bartimaeus in need, is only a symbolic expression of the truth that a healing of physical ailment only a temporary healing, for a certain time, giving some comfort of a better life until a physical death comes. From this perspective, it appears that a real disaster of human life is a sin, and his blindness – a lack of God. The cry of Bartimaeus is a form, to express the truth that in the face of blindness, to live his life without God, the faith, which is the salutary mission of Jesus, seems to be a good answer for this lack of God. The more we cry, the more we need Him, seeing in Jesus the resolution of the problem, of the meaning of life. The faith in Jesus, as the foretold Messiah, takes in consideration all those people who until now felt to be abandoned by God. The first reading calls them a “Remnant of Israel”. Since then on, Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, is the one who gives them access to God the Father; the one, who comes by to our cities, settlements, and houses, and in the Word and sacraments of salvation of His Church offers his salutary presence. Our cry, demanding God’s presence, and our faith in Jesus, who has the power to cure and save our souls and bodies, brings us in consequence to salvation. Let’s then cry with a loud voice with our faith, using the passing by of Jesus in our life, that we could be embraced with His salutary presence.