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Theology for the common man

30 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Monday, October 23, 2017

Religious leaders of Israel again are tempting Jesus to have a reason to accuse Him and put Him to death. Jesus, of course, following the tradition and the teaching of the ancestors, didn’t err answering to their questions. The questions regarded the most important commandment in the Law of the Old Testament. As the answer, Jesus pointed out two commandments of love: of God and of a neighbor. And in reality there was nothing new in that, because the Book of the Deuteronomy (The Jewish “Tora”) already speaks about the Love of God - Yahweh, and even today’s second reading from the Book of Exodus emphasizes the love of a neighbor. The question of the Pharisees had its meaning in the context of many lawyer’s schools that prospered that time in Jerusalem, giving different answers on the platform of 613 commandments, 248 prohibitions, and 365 recommendations that existed in the Law. Pointing out the two commandments of love of God and of a neighbor, Jesus gave the fundament to all of them. Once again he surprises to his listeners because they fretter themselves in detailed puzzles being far away from the life, and forgot about its living fundament: God and its vital verification in relationship with others, especially with those in need. In addition, facing the teaching of Jesus about his divine Sonship the adversaries expected a totally different answer. Instead, the answer of Jesus is only one and practical: regarding God’s love we should love and respect our brothers. It is good to remind always these two fundamental commandments against an indifferent situation of the world toward God and the misery (poverty) of the people. No wonder, if there is no God then neither a man is counted. There are temptations then to treat them in utilitarian way, which means, that they are only good if we can use them for our economic advantages or in the other way. In that context, to the economical useless old men and handicaps is proposed euthanasia, it is, wish killing by injection; for the unwanted unborn children in the wombs of their mother, it is proposed the killing by abortion; to the people in the poor countries in South America or Africa it is proposed programs which stop procreation and spread economic slave system. We can count a lot of examples, not to mention to create by the “postmodern” man a new form of fundaments of society according to which everyone can change his sex against the order of nature and of common sense. This is a world without God, we have to bring near to the people, that they could see the catastrophically consequences of their acting without the love of God and of a neighbor. The Church does it every day.