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2nd Sunday of Lent, C

Sunday, March 17, 2019

At the threshold of Lent, following the traditions of the Church, the Gospel meditation concerns the Transfiguration of the Lord. Jesus Christ allowed witnesses of His transfiguration to three of his chosen apostles, showing them his divine glory. It is his special pedagogical measure through which he wants to fortify his disciples in faith, when the time comes of His trial and death on the cross. The choosing of the apostles is not accidental; they are important disciples of Christ who later on will have a big influence on the enrollment of the primitive Church. Peter, the first pope; John the beloved disciple of Jesus, knowing his heart as his close friend which later on he will draw in his Gospel, letters, and his Book of Revelation; James, was a brother of John, called the Older, who had a grand authority in Jerusalem being his first Jewish-Christian Patriarch. The transfiguration occurred during the prayer of Jesus on the mountain showing a divine correlation of Jesus at the presence of two witnesses, according to the Old Testament custom; and those witnesses were the most important figures of the whole history of relationship of God with his chosen nation: Moses and Elijah. The presence of Jesus with those two most important figures of the Old Testament emphasizes His divine descent putting him on the same level with God, Yahweh, who guided the chosen nation through its history. We can see how God, Yahweh has fulfilled his promise to Abraham telling him about multiplying his descendants like the “stars of the sky”. It is about the whole descendants of the Old Testament and the New Testament to come represented here by those three important apostles and pillars of the Church, the Kingdom of Heaven, Yahweh was speaking. We can draw this conclusion on the basis of the context of today’s Gospel, when God Yahweh called Jesus “my chosen Son” asking to listen to him and respect him.