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2nd Sunday of Lent, A

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Following Jesus in the desert, where he defeats the temptations of this world, the Church give us today readings which bring us more light to endure on this Lenten road and in our Lenten resolutions. Every second Sunday of Lent the Church places the Gospel about the transfiguration of the Lord in the presence of his three trusted apostles, who very soon will play an important role in the primitive Church. The event of this transfiguration happened also in the presence of two key-persons of the whole history of the intervention of God-Yahweh, toward his chosen people, Israel: Moses, who represents the Old Testament’ Law and a fundament of the covenant of the people with God; and Elijah, who gathered all the prophecies of the Old Testament that pointed and foretold the Messiah. Their presence during the transfiguration of Jesus was to spread the message to the people of Israel: Jesus is this foretold Messiah. The testimony of the three important apostles: Peter, James, and John, is needed to pass this message about the Messiah in the person of Jesus to the primitive Church. God himself expresses it in these words: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” This is exactly the light during this Lenten time, made and endured in our resolutions, so through the strength by the grace of God, which comes from the mountain, we could, with Jesus, overcome the temptations of the world. Only in this way can we follow Jesus and “bear our share of hardship for the Gospel,” trusting God, as in the example of Abram, who left his own land into the unknown, following the direction where God led him. In that way he received God’s blessing, meaning God’s presence. Is this not what we really need in our life?