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Theology for the common man

28 Sunday in Ordinary Time C Year

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Humble gratitude attests to the magnitude of a man. Unfortunately, not everyone could achieve this. This is what the reading today speaks about. The commander of Syrian army, Naaman, a pagan himself, regarding the Jewish religion, was cured from the terrible uncured illness, leprosy, and he was so grateful to the prophet Elisha by whom he received the grace of God’s healing that he wanted to pay for it with a wage of gold. Elisha who didn’t accept his gift was trying to tell him, one cannot buy the grace of God, encouraging him instead to conversion. And so it happened; the appreciation of Naaman inclined him to believe in the only God Yahweh. Unlike ten lepers cured by Jesus from today's Gospel, when they were in oppression asking him healing and when they received this grace not all of them were able to thank Jesus afterward. Only one man, a foreigner, a Samaritan, came back to Jesus thanking him for being cured. Only this one drew the lesson from the grace of God he received. Jesus then praises his faith, which allowed him to search for God’s help and find it in his divine intercession.
The gratitude shown here is an expression of the true faith which looked for resolution in God. Behind the grace of healing is hidden a divine intervention manifested in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saved us at the price of his own blood requesting instead from us no great treasures that not everyone could pay for but only conversion of hearts which is always at our hands because it depends on each of us. “If we deny him (Jesus) he will deny us (because of being repudiated by us). If we are unfaithful he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” This is our God who in spite of our lack of gratitude is always ready to give us his grace. Let us draw from today’s readings a lesson for our daily life.