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Theology for the common man

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time C Year

Sunday, September 29, 2019

"If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead,” we hear today this answer from Jesus, explaining the parable of the lack of faith in his salutary mission. The parable is focused to sensitize the rich people to the misery of human beings and especially to the poor. Proverbial Lazarus, who represents every poor man in need, after his earthly journey which was in total poverty, was never noticed by the rich man. Lazarus was at the rich man's door all his life, but now he becomes the master of the situation based on the justice of God. Our system of human judgment and evaluations is based on a totally different criterion than evangelical, such as: wealth, connections, relationships, which do not work in the Kingdom of Jesus. The time of human misery bears in evangelical patience and love, which is now rewarded to Lazarus with his heavenly rest. The rich man, understanding his error after death, while he was ignoring the voice of God in his conscience during his lifetime, now is asking Abraham to send Lazarus to warn his live relatives, in order that they could avoid the eternal condemnation. Apparently nothing works like things in our world, because the dead prophets and Moses gave testimony about God and his chosen Servant Yahweh and even that they still did not believe them. On this background their dead will not help them either. The parable is as a warning for each of us to help us to believe in the message of the Mercy of God revealed in Jesus Christ and to use Jesus' coming and presence to our conversion. No phantoms from the netherworld will change what rules on this earth because it is still the valid testimony of words by the prophets and of Jesus himself. The expression of this word of God is our sensitiveness to the poverty, boorishness, and the misery of this earth as well as our evangelical activity that Jesus is expecting from us.