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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Monday, July 27, 2020

Certainly we are surprised with the conclusion of today’s gospel in which Christ, explaining a mechanism of working the Kingdom of Heaven, gives to each its member the same reward of eternal life; what in the parable is called “daily wage”. It is about a reward which our Savior promises to everyone who will follow him; meaning that reward is to everyone who will work in his vineyard, no matter when he started, even at the last minute. Very often we look at this Plan of God, rewarding in that way with human eyes. However, we should see that as God sees it. It is God who makes the rules for the plan of salvation, behind which stands his passion on the cross. And the plan of his salvation embraces all people at all times, even those who use his salutary proposition in the last minute of their life. It is the meaning of the parable about a landowner who hires laborers for his vineyard agreeing with them exactly for the usual daily wage. This reward is received by everyone who works his whole life and also those who drop in almost at the last moment. God can do with his daily wage whatever he wants and we are to be thankful that he provides us an access to get this way into eternal life, which is all the time the work of his grace. We shouldn’t see God with a bad eye because he is generous and gives to everyone from his goodness. Of course, behind there is a plan of his mercifulness, shown in the offering of his Son on the cross and exactly from this comes to everyone a chance to be saved by God. The first reading admonishes us to use this divine patience and opportunity: “Seek the Lord while he may be found, call him while he is near. Let the scoundrel forsake his way, and the wicked his thoughts; let him turn to the Lord for mercy; to our God, who is generous in forgiving,” waiting until the last moment of life. St. Paul long ago has used this mercyfulness of God during his conversion at the gates of Damascus and became such a zealous follower and propagator of Jesus, teaching everywhere he went, that he even didn’t see a sense of his life without Jesus. Let each of us have so strong faith like St. Paul who says: “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” Let’s not delay in gaining our “daily wage”.