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Theology for the common man

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time C

Sunday, September 08, 2019

"Scarce do we guess the things on earth, and what is within our grasp we find with difficulty; but when things are in heaven, who can search them out?” In this way the author of the Book of Wisdom summarizes the toil of a man who tries to untangle the many riddles of human life and his divine providence. “Who can know God’s counsel, or who can conceive what the Lord intends?.... Who ever knew your counsel except you had given wisdom and sent your holy spirit from on high?” All those questions lead us to God the Servant, who is discovered in the mysteries of Jesus Christ. And Jesus reveals the wisdom of God hidden upon the vestment or the cloak of parables because in reality that is the only way that we can draw the essence about the Kingdom of God. Christ could probably shock us with his command to hate our family and even ourselves in order to follow Jesus. The context of this statement, of Jesus animating his carrying of the cross and the parable telling who really could be the disciples of Jesus, is explained by his words. It is about the building of the pillars of life with relation to God through Jesus Christ, and especially in his humility, it means, in carrying our crosses every day in connection with his passion, death and resurrection. Behold the true wisdom from heaven revealing the meaning of our joys, pains, sufferings and even death. In the perspective of Jesus' events, after which we follow, there is a chance of our success and victory because we are united with Jesus. The family relations could support us in our love and acceptance, but they do not give us security of salvation. Only a life rooted in Jesus, in his salutary cross, gives us the chance to reach the Kingdom of God. The parable speaks here about a measure we have to use in our life to do it: we have to plan and count how many resources we need to build a tower or how many soldiers to send in order to win the battle with someone stronger than us. In that perspective we have to hate our family relations because they will not help us or any earthly thing in which we could be attached to. Only a relationship with Jesus, in his humility, will lead us to the Kingdom of heaven because it makes us his disciples.