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Theology for the common man

21th sunday of the year

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We must get used to the fact that today many people do not see Jesus Christ as the Son of God, just as many had a problem with this during His times. Two questions, posed by Christ, about how his disciples and the world view him, are still relevant. First of all, they make it known to us Christians that unless we always accept God and His values, we will be living in a pagan world: this was also the case during the time of Christ. We must thus always strive to create a deeper, more personal relationship with God, and build this relationship upon Jesus. Hence the second question: how do Christ's disciples feel about Him? This question challenges us all to verify our faith in this pagan world, to be more ardent in our prayers, acts of mercy, ceaselessly recommit to our faith and show love in our everyday actions. This is the one, main way in which we can show Jesus how we feel about Him. The answer was given institutionally by St. Peter and is still given by succeeding Popes; it helps us boost our everyday faith in our Lord and Savior. This way the prophecy of Isaiah is continually fulfilled. Isaiah spoke of the coming of the Son of God, who will rule the world and become “a stake driven firmly into solid ground (…) and a throne of honor for his Father's house”. Christ, the Son of God, used his Cross to create a strong throne of God's domain in His Church (Jerusalem), by allowing us to be forgiven for our sins. Since then, our access to God has been much easier under the condition that we take – in faith – the fruits of his Cross and, despite what the world may think, live in his Spirit of Love.