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Theology for the common man

21th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Sunday, August 23, 2020

We have to be accustomed that many people today do not see Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, as many people during his time had the same problem. The two questions of Jesus, about how he was seen by the world and by his disciples are always highly valued. First of all, they tell us as Christians that we will live in a pagan world, not always friendly to God and his values, as was also in the time of Jesus. There is always an open question of our deeper relationship with God which we have built all the time in Jesus. This is why Jesus poses the second question: what the disciples think about him, through which question he invites us to verify our faith in this pagan world. We are to put more effort, zealously in prayer, in charitable works, in constant guidance of our own conversion and works of love every day. It is the only obvious way to answer Jesus in what we really think about him. It is the answer Peter gave in our name, on the institutional way, confirmed by each pope and by our life trusting in Jesus. In this way it is fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah telling about a vocation of the servant of God, who will take a power over the world “fixing him like a peg in a sure spot, to be a place of honor for his family.” Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by his cross putting on earth in his Church (the house of Judah and Jerusalem) fixed a powerful throne of divine authority, giving the possibility to erase our sins. Since then on our access to God is much easier upon the condition that in faith we receive the fruits of his salutary cross and start to live his spirit of love against the world.