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1th Sunday of Advent A

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Like every year, we begin a New Liturgical year with start of Advent. The Sunday readings introduce us into the atmosphere of Advent; the expectation for the coming of the Messiah. From the beginning, a tradition of the Church spoke about three advents:
- A time of the coming of Jesus announced by the Old Testament which was fulfilled in the historical nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem;
- An announcement of the second coming of Jesus at the end of times (Parousia);
- Actualization of this coming every year during liturgy of Advent time.
For us who live now in the world the most important is this third meaning of Advent, the expectation of Jesus in the liturgy, when the Church reminds everyone about the mystery of Christmas, which was a historical fact, fulfilled in the divine person of Jesus Christ; the fact which is realized on us when we accept His work of salvation. Because through the nativity of Jesus Christ He was able to make the work of salvation of the cross, confirmed by his resurrection; this is how the salvation has been done.
The first reading, through the prophecy of Amos, speaks about the Old Testament announcing of the time of salvation in the coming of the Messiah who will come from Jerusalem and by his coming will introduce the peace between the nations. The gospel encourages us to unceasing vigilance until the last coming of Jesus, at the end of the times comparing this coming to the days of Noah, when no one was expecting and notwithstanding the foretold flood has come. The second reading explains that the mystery of the divine salvation is realized in our times in the liturgy, encouraging us to inspire our faith and to draw the conclusions in our good Christian life.