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Theology for the common man

1th Sunday in Ord. Time A

Sunday, March 01, 2020

After 40 days the devil tempted Jesus in the desert. Far away from civilization, with no water or food, relying only on oneself, reaching the limits of his existential possibilities, someone’s instincts are awaken for survival and very often at cost of the others. And exactly in that moment Jesus is tempted by devil. Then, in this critical moment of his life Jesus shows his divine power, the same He will show from the cross in the middle of total desolation. Going down in human existence, to its lowest level of endurance it can be a turning point in which man shows his “animal” nature. By his example of temptation and triple victory over Satan, Jesus shows a possibility to direct our “animal” nature to God through merit of His cross. The phenomenon of Jesus, the God-man consists as He not only asks us to do something to be close to God but also shows us how to do it. His example is the best way we can do it, but only with success when we count on his grace. Jesus helps us to combat a triple temptation of devil, which threats everyone and are the obstacles on the path to God, which are: striving for carnal things without spiritual ones (1); overconfidence of himself without God (2); to be like God and subordinate to powers of darkness (3). All of those three temptations are elements of the first reading today speaking about the disobedience of a man against God and his evil use of the grace of freedom we have received from God. Jesus again directs our life on God's path by His humanity; subordination to God’s will until his salutary cross, which Paul states in today's 2nd reading. This is why being united with Him we can always combat Satan.