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Theology for the common man

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Sunday, August 09, 2020

The Sunday readings serve as a form to present Jesus as someone whom we can rely on in our life, in whose presence we can feel always safe. At the beginning, the emphasis is about a silent divine presence proper to divine patience, with respect to human freedom. On the other hand, it is about a powerful presence visible when we take into consideration, in our daily life. He has a power and strength to subjugate the biggest storms and dramas of life, not mentioning a value of each moment of that life. The first reading shows this divine presence recognized already in the Old Testament in the silence of a human heart. It is symbolized by a tiny whispering sound beating in each life, always felt in the depth of human existence and especially when we have time for prayer. And even the powers of nature reflect God's strength, those nevertheless greatly deter man than attract to God, presenting God as its source and a man as his creature. After all, God respects a man and he is able to live in the human heart softly, invisible, waiting for permission to act. As a rule, there are so called storms of life when we call God because of our need; however, it is good to call God not only when we need him but always, systematically through a methodical prayer. And this is not about an extraordinary prayer we speak about, but rather about a normal every day morning and evening prayer; and in this way you can feel this divine presence every day. As a matter of fact, prayer is a sign of faith. Its luck sentences ours efforts to defeat and to the experience of an existential emptiness which drowns our sense of life. As with Peter, we have to ask Jesus to rescue, to strengthen our faith, especially in these difficult times we live in. Let’s fall down on our knees, and following the apostles, let’s profess in our prayers our faith in the divine power of Jesus. Then He himself will give us his helping hand showing in faith, a totally new resolution to our problems.