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Theology for the common man

19 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This Sunday’s readings strive to show Christ as someone who can be fully trusted. Someone, in whose presence we can always feel safe. Firstly, we must emphasize that His presence is the silent and righteous patience of God and one that respects man’s freedom. On the other hand, it is a presence full of power, when taken in the perspective of everyday life. It has the power to silence the greatest of life’s storms and dramas, not to mention the value of every second of our lives. The first reading shows this presence of God, noticed in the times of the Old Testament, in the silence of a human heart. It is symbolized by a light breeze that softly brushes against the life of every single person. A presence that is always felt in the core of our being, whenever we choose to listen, i.e. whenever we find the time to pray. And although the powers of nature also mirror God’s power, these frighten – and not entice – man, while showing the great power of God’s source and the minuteness of human existence. Despite all this, God respects man and is capable of living silently in our hearts, waiting for our permission to act. Usually we find God during life’s hardships, because “when in fear, God is dear”, yet we must remember that through systematic, methodical prayer – perhaps every morning and every night – we can feel God’s presence every day and live with Him safely on a daily basis. During prayer we can hear the calling of God’s most hidden presence. Of course faith (in God and God in Jesus), is the element that makes man’s efforts successfully reach God’s presence, as prayer is the outcome of faith. Lack of faith causes all human efforts to fail and cause the onset of an existential emptiness that obscures the meaning of life. Just as Peter did, we must ask Jesus for help today, we must ask him to straighten our faith, especially in the hard times we must presently face. Let us fall on our knees every day, and – just like Christ’s disciples – renew our faith in Jesus’s divine power through prayer. He will then Himself lend us a hand and show us – through faith – a completely different solution to our problems.