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Theology for the common man

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The main difference between a pagan lifestyle and the Christian one is that that in the last one there is a conscience to be with God as a form of protective umbrella, no matter what happens. The daily morning and evening prayers, thanksgiving, higher acts and requests in different situation serves to maintain this conscience, seeing this presence of God in every moment of life. They keep a Christian man always close to God. All the more if during this journey a Christian is fed by Him. We, as Christians, believe that it this a way God leads us always toward salvation no matter what happens. This way of life, trusting in God, teaches today Jesus to his listeners, following the Old Testament tradition when God Yahweh would take care of his chosen nation. Jewish people wandering through the desert started to ask God to give them bread and meat recalling the times in the slavery of Egypt when they eat always. On the request of Moses God sent them bread from heaven, manna. Later on in similar situation God sent them quails. It was a foretaste of the truly bread of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ the Gospel speaks today about. Jesus points out to the people, already fed by Him during the case of multiplication of the bread, their counting on easiness in conquering the means of life. Everyone has to have his own interest on the way to discover God’s will in his life always counting on God’s grace. On the basis of the signs of the presence of God in the history of salvation, Jesus Christ, in His Body and Blood, appears as the only sign needed to salvation. Because of this meal we have permanent access to be with God.