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Theology for the common man

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time C

Sunday, July 21, 2019

While he was on the journey of his mission here on earth, Jesus stopped at the house of two sisters: Martha and Mary. Both wanted to welcome Jesus, as he was not an ordinary guest. They had heard about him and each of them wanted to express this in their own way. Martha was preparing a dinner for him and was concerned to serve him as best she could; Mary wanted to use this rare occasion to have Jesus in her house and preferred to sit down at his feet and listen to his teaching. Martha didn’t understand the attitude of her sister and started to complain to Jesus that Mary didn’t help her. Then she received from Jesus a very important lesson about the value of contemplative life: “Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.” Both attitudes, an active life in the world in the spirit of Jesus, represented by Martha, and a contemplative one represented by Mary, became within the Church two ways of realizing the mission of Jesus Christ in every day of the world. Evangelization through the testimony of Christian life and a special vigilance at the knees of Jesus, so called a contemplative life, became two ways in the Church of the experience of divinity pointing out on its source and motive to work. This experience of the divine presence mentioned today in the first reading speaks about the three mysterious guests Abraham was hosting within his tent. In exchange for Abraham's hospitality, he received from the guests and enigmatic announcement of progeny for his older wife which became a reality one year later. In the light of the teaching of Jesus and the Church in those three mysterious persons, we should see the three Persons of God who dwell in the soul of each Christian, whose presence could be experienced in each contemplative soul.