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Theology for the common man

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Jesus as a foretold Messiah, in spite of objection of many, will fulfill his salutary mission. This is a conclusion of the readings today. The Prophet Ezekiel receives from God the order to proclaim his prophetic mission in spite of resistance of the people of Israel: “Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites, rebels who have rebelled against me (…). Hard of face and obstinate of heart are they to whom I am sending you. But you shell say to them (…) that a prophet has been among them”. Jesus has experienced exactly this resistance, being rejected not only by his kinsmen in the places when He was growing up, but also by majority of the people of Israel misled by their officials, who sentence Him to death by crucifixion. “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house”; in this way Jesus summarizes their attitude. But Jesus didn’t stop his mission because life must go on. “So He was not able to perform any mighty deed there, apart from curing a few sick people by laying his hands on them”, amazing himself at their lack of faith. If someone does not want to receive the message of God you have to leave them alone and go away, because they need to have a chance to hear His teaching. This is why Jesus went away and taught in other villages. There is still one conclusion we can drive from the readings today: it is worthy to experience fatigue, especially in the most difficult moments of life, in the suffering and against many contradictions, because this teaches those who proclaim the word of God, a humility preparing them to be a true voice of God. Then, it doesn’t become a temptation to boast of himself from the proclaimed message of God, as St. Paul remind us, “When I am weak, then I am strong”.