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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Sunday, June 21, 2020

"Fear no one,” we hear in today's gospel, Jesus speaking to his apostles and to each of us, who tries to explain the logic of this world that seems to show us there is no God. Everything in due time will be discovered for human knowledge and nothing can be concealed what others hide; this is not always about fair plans and/or intentions. What is most important is to have awareness of the will of God in things that happened around us although we don’t understand them today. Sometimes things don’t go in the direction they should and we feel that intuitively and logically. It is partially an effect of our bad behavior and perversity of political activities. How we should respond to those people who ask “why God permits evil?”, and in that spirit explains for example the existence of concentrations camps during World War II? God seems to be defenseless before a free will of his conscience creature that sometimes can choose an evil. It is the logic of God’s love: only a free man can be a partner of love, not a slave. Meanwhile, “fear no one.” We are not alone in this world. There is God, who cares about us as he cares about all the little sparrows. In our case, there are even all the hairs of our heads counted by God. Then we shouldn’t be afraid of the world because it passes very quickly, with its pride, and then the only thing that will count is a goodness that we leave behind us and our awareness of divine grace working through us in this “whirled” world. The first reading speaks about it. The second reading in turn reminds us about a great mercifulness of God which flows to the world out of divine salutary intervention which came in his Son, Jesus Christ, who definitely defeated all evil and sin even if we still experience it. All our problems are already resolved by Jesus on the cross and resurrection. With this believers are consoled and encouraged. Let us face the challenges of this world and remember Jesus’ words: “Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.”