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Theology for the common man

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Against the drama, which accompanies a man from the beginning of time, when he wrestles with his nature, not always directed to God and making bad decisions, always his divine source and goal is close. Of course, a man is not able to raise himself from this situation, showing many times what he is able to do without God’s source. Pride and selfishness make him fall prey to a blind fate and then apart, to start to suffer an existential solitude, he begins to accuse, for his bad behavior everyone else but himself. This is the experience the first reading speaks about today and it could be also a good appropriate background to our Gospel. Fallen in paradise, the first couple noticed their nakedness, it means, their own nature, and then they hid themselves fearing of God the creator. In the same time they started to accuse each other and to the evil for their bad choices. The verdict of God is not a condemnation but rather encouragement, to cooperate, to create a better world together with the promise of constant help from the part of God. Although the evil strikes a man at his head allowing him to organize the world without God, but at the same time thanks to a mysterious woman who will give an offspring, it will become salvation, which will strike the evil at his heel, not allowing him finally to win. The gospel refers this experience of Jesus, accused by the religious leaders of Israel, for cooperation with the evil. Nothing more absurd in the case of Jesus who, as a descendant of this mysterious woman, Mary, His whole life, fulfilled the will of God, inducing to everyone, to be subordinating to God’s will in faith. According to Jesus’ teaching, only those who listen to the Word of God and put it into action in their lives, will gain the Kingdom of God being a firm and faithful friend of God, as was the case of the first parents in paradise before their fall into sin. Of course, death of the body, as an irreversible consequence of sin did not stop God to fulfill His promise. The merits of Jesus Christ drawn from His salutary cross and our faith built on Him, gives us through the Holy Spirit access to “a dwelling not made with hands, (but) eternal in heaven”. Do not forget that this promise is valid to everyone today.